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Publication numberDE2439584 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19742439584
Publication date26 Feb 1976
Filing date17 Aug 1974
Priority date17 Aug 1974
Publication number19742439584, 742439584, DE 2439584 A1, DE 2439584A1, DE-A1-2439584, DE19742439584, DE2439584 A1, DE2439584A1, DE742439584
ApplicantFoell Remswerk
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Machine tool for pipe thread cutting - mobile head with support beam has braking system linking to working spindle
DE 2439584 A1
Machine tool with the dual purpose of cutting threads onto tubes or pipes or cutting same into lengths, for water or gas supply conduits etc, has a cutting head with a cutting tool that can be manipulated along the workpiece axis, e.g. a rotating tool and mounted via an intermediate support on a beam whereby it displaces as dictated. The head has a link between the beam and a machine drive spindle. The manipulator incorporates a beam braking system with a primary component, mounted on and able to move, engaging the support.
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International ClassificationB23D21/04
Cooperative ClassificationB23D21/04
European ClassificationB23D21/04
Legal Events
16 Mar 1978OGANew person/name/address of the applicant
1 Oct 19818110Request for examination paragraph 44
8 Jan 19878130Withdrawal